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Top 125cc Bike in India

Hello Friends,
    After a long time I am back again with a more refreshed mind. Today we will discuss on the 125cc Bikes of India. We will discuss their features, Pros, Cons, Performances etc . So, lets start...

     First of all, we have to list up all the 125cc Bikes in India  Brand Wise..

Hero MotoCorp:

  • Hero Glamour
  • Hero Glamour PGM-FI
  • Hero Super Splendor
  • Hero Igniter
Honda Scooters and Motorcycles:

  • Honda Shine
  • Honda Stunner
Bajaj India:

  • Bajaj Discover 125
  • Bajaj Discover 125 ST
Other Brands:

  • Yamaha YBR 125
  • Yamaha SS 125
  • Suzuki SlingShot (Plus)
  • TVS Flame 125 (OutDated)
Now, leaving TVS Flame 125 which is an Outdated Model, we have 11 Products in our Hand.
First of all I would like to Distingush them as per Their Style so as the Psychology of a Buyer. well, there are few bikes which are Designed for Sporty look and Powerfull agressive Engine whereas few are for Commuter Segment.

Those who are looking for Sporty Look bikes with Descent Mileage they can opt for : 1)Hero Ignitor   2)Honda Stunner   3)Bajaj Discover 125ST    4)Yamaha SS125.

Now the rest bikes are Commuter Segment Bikes(Except Hero Glamour and PGM FI):
    1) Hero Super Splendor    2) Honda Shine   3)Suzuki Slingshot     4) Yamaha YBR 125   5)Discover 125.

  Hero Glamour and Glamour PGM-FI are for those who want both Mileage and Power with Look.:)

Now lets Compare Each category:

1) Performance and Sporty Bikes in 125cc Segment:
Model Price KerbWeight Power Torque Mileage Pros n Cons
59000 128 11Bhp @ 5000rpm 11NM @ 5000rpm 57kmpl Pros: Power
Cons: FE
Honda Stunner 58000 128 11Bhp @ 6250rpm 11NM @ 6500rpm 55kmpl Pros: Power
Cons: FE
Yamaha SS125 54500 127 11BHP @ 7500rpm 10.4NM @ 6500rpm 50kmpl Pros: Power
Cons: FE
Bajaj Discover 125ST 55000 124.5 12.9BHP @ 9000rpm 11NM @ 7000rpm 60kmpl Pros: Power, FE.
Cons: Seat Comfort
Hero Glamour 55000 129 9BHP @ 7000rpm 10.35NM @ 4000rpm 65+kmpl Pros: FE, Comfort
Cons: Power @low rpm
 *FE Stands for Fuel Efficiency..
2) Commuter Bikes in 125cc :

Model Price K.Weight Power Torque Mileage Pros Cons
Hero Glamour 55000 129kg 9BHP @ 7000rpm 10.35NM @ 4000rpm 65+kmpl Mileage, Power @ High Speed Power @ Low rpm
Hero Super splendor 53000 125kg 9BHP @ 7000rpm 10.35NM @ 4000rpm 65+kmpl Mileage Power @ Low rpm, Look doesn't apealing
Honda Shine 58000 128kg 10.12BHP @ 7500rpm 10.54NM @ 5500 rpm 60+kmpl Engine Smoothness, Mileage Extreme Vibration above 50kmph speed.
Bajaj Discover 125 No Discussion


Suzuki Slingshot Plus 53000 128kg 9BHP 10NM 60kmpl Engine and FE Look(Except Fuel Tank), Comfort
Bajaj Discover 125 ST 55000 124.5kg 12.9BHP @ 9000rpm 11NM @ 7000rpm 60+kmpl Look, Power, FE Tough Seat, Comfort.
Yamaha YBR 125 54000 126kg 10.6BHP @ 7500rpm 10.4 NM @ 6500rpm 60kmpl Power, FE Look
*FE Stands for Fuel Efficiency...

Now, Its time for Final Verdict.

Final Verdict:

       If You want Power+Comfort and little Style and can Compromise with Mileage, Resell Value go for Yamaha SS125.

       If You want Power+Comfort+Style and can Compromise with Resell Value go for Yamaha or Either Honda Stunner or Hero Ignitor. But the winner is Stunner.

      If You want Highest Power+Style+Look+Great Mileage+ average resell value and Compromise with Comfort(from Seat) then Bajaj Discover 125 ST is Yours.

      If You want Power+Comfort+FE+Good Resell Value+ Butter Smooth Engine and can compromise with Look(Not Sporty) and Vibration Issue(You are not a Racer) then Honda Shine is Yours.

     If You want Power+Comfort+Great Mileage+Good Resell Value+ Butter Smooth Engine + Look and can compromise with Specification Sheet(joking) then Hero Glamour is Yours.

     I think now Your Confusions are quite clear.. You can Go either from Glamour or Discover 125ST or Honda Shine or Honda Stunner or Yamaha SS125 as per your requirements and You will not Regret for Your Decession.

But My Final Winner is Hero Honda Glamour because:

    1) Butter Smooth Engine (Although not like Shine,which is upto 40kmph speed only) even @ 70kmph Speed.
    2) No Vibration Even @ 70 kmph Speed.(Shine Vibrates just above 50kmph)
    3) Decent Mileage of 60+kmpl.
    4) Combination of Sporty and Commuter Look. (Shine look is much behind Glamour)
    5) Any Age can ride it so, very good resell value.

Hope I resolved Your Issue regarding "Best 125cc Bike For Me"...



  1. Sir, I read some user reviews online and they are saying Hero Glamour is giving them only 35KMPL. Whats your say on this? Can you give me ur contact details?

    1. Hello Piyush,
      Sorry for late response.. :(
      Bikes are like Horse.. We can't say that this model bike will DEFINITELY give us good mileage,, but we believe in MOSTLY.. There are a lots of negative reviews about Unicorn or Shine also.. So, its not a big issue, because Nothing is perfect is this world.. So, I think You should test drive your fate.. :)

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    1. not for youngsters .....its looks are quite old .....its ust like splender
      and also its not sporty

  3. Really good information Satya... Thanks for publishing such a list. Comparing to other manufactures, 125cc Bikes from Hero MotoCorp meets all the features like Power, Style, Mileage and Resale value. @ Piyush, As per my research Hero Glamour mileage is 50 to 60 KMPL in city roads. It depends on how you ride the bike. How to improve bike mileage



    1. Hello,
      I have also mentioned :
      " If You want Power+Comfort and little Style and can Compromise with Mileage, Resell Value go for Yamaha SS125."

      If You like it, Go for it.. Its Definitely a Winner for You.. :)

  5. I think you are speaking about Hero glamour PGM-Fi bcz
    Hero glamour gives only 50 - 55 mileage
    It's engine is not so powerful and has less performance compared to honda shine

  6. Are tubeless tyres neccessary?? bcz I see that shine has tubeless tyres but glamour does not have.......
    Please do reply...

  7. Hello Abhishek,
    I am talking about Hero Glamour Carburetor model. See, In between PGM-FI model and Carburetor model, there is No difference. In PGM-FI model, there is an electronic IC (like a MicroController) which injects the Optimum Fuel so that the Engine will give You Good mileage. At the same time, there is a Real-Time Mileage indicator which displays the Real-time mileage like in that Particular second (or even Milli seconds) How much Petrol Your engine Takes. So, By Watching that RealTime Mileage You will drive Slowly or with High speed. So, Basically The Engine is Same in Both Case, the difference is the Extra Accessories in the PGM-FI model which will ensure Good Fuel Efficiency. Now, The Question Comes :
    Does the General Model Can give good mileage as PGM-FI ?

    Answer is : Definitely, Because the Engine is Same. So its obvious that the General model can also give Good Fuel efficiency like the PGM-Fi Provided, The general model is used just like the PGM-FI. i.e you need to use Less Clutch, Move the Machine at around 40 kmph speed, Never use more acceleration, definitely You are Driving in High Way or Free Road then definitely You can get 70 kmpl. If You are an Experienced Driver, and You drive in economic speed then its not a big task for You.
    Now, about Mileage of 50-55, well it happens in many old bikes (before 2012) but now HeroHonda is making Engines with good Fuel Efficiency. Another fact is, many times I have seen driving Glamour as a Pulsur and that too in city Traffic. So, in that case You will definitely suffer from bad FE. But if You want Good FE, then you have to implement the above Constraints while Driving.

    About Tubeless Tyres, its upto You. :) I have suggested that for a Different user who has this as his need. But its Not at all necessary.. :) But try to get the bike having MRF Tyre (Hero used to sell both MRF and TVS or CEAT Tyres).. :)
    Hope You have got your answers...

  8. sell and buy everything

  9. Sir, I am Rohith. I want to purchase a good bike. I have selected a bike so can you give me reply as soon as possible.

    I choose a bike TVS phoneix to purchase. So can u suggest me in my decision....
    Still I have not purchased any bike. I need suggestion...

  10. Hello Rohith,
    Since You are Going to Purchase your virgin bike (1st bike), I will like to give you something different Suggestion. From your choice (Phoenix) I can understand You want a Good looking or we can say Sporty looking Bike with all comforts. right.. :)

    Now, the question comes "Should You Go for Phoenix ?"
    My answer will be revealed at the End and I am sure you will like it.

    See, as this bike will be your 1st bike, You should expect an Extremely Reliable Bike which will never make You upset at least for upcoming 4 years. So, for You I will suggest a bike keeping all these constraints in mind.

    Well, about Phoenix :
    - Look is simply awesome for many persons (Though I do not like it personally).

    -About Power : Its average.

    - About mileage : If you are lucky, you can get 60 kmpl else there is a huge chance of 40-50 mileage. can you afford it..

    - Initial Pick is good though not the Best.

    - Styling : In this section TVS is always a winner, this bike has digital Speedometer, Trip Meter, Parking light and all.

    Now, lets know some bitter truth about the Bike :

    - The bike starts vibrating @ 55-60 kmph speed.
    - There is some Problem in the Handle Bar.
    - The seat is very flat though smooth.
    - Mileage is Inconsistent.
    - The Maintenance will be more than others .
    - Not yet Proved in Indian Market.

    From above, we can say that This Bike is Not at all fit for You (Though it has good look only)...

    Now, lets analyze a good bike For YOU...

    You Need :
    - Good Look n Feel.
    - Good Mileage at least 55+ in city and 60+ in highway.
    - Reliable Engine.
    - Low Maintenance Cost.
    - Good Pick Up.
    Your Want:
    - No Vibration @ high speed.
    - Good Dash Board like digital speedometer or trip meter etc

    Now, considering all these facts, You should chose either from Hero Glamour, Honda Twister, Honda Stunner.

    If You Do not care for Resell value go for either Honda Twister and Honda Stunner (since these bikes are having sporty look, so less people will like to Purchase it).

    But if You can sacrifice the Power for the Mileage then Go for Honda Twister.

    And if You can sacrifice the Mileage for Power, then go for Honda Stunner.

    Finally if You want everything except extra ordinary Sporty Look and you want a Good mileage (60+) with Good Resell value, Go for Hero Glamour.

    My Personal line for You :
    Do not buy any other company bike Except Hero and Honda since it is your 1st bike. Because Your 1st taste should be a good one. :)

    My choice for You will go to Either Hero Glamour or Honda Stunner (if you are not so care for mileage and resell value). But Honda Twister is also good except Under Performance on High Speeds but twister will definitely give you an impressive mileage of 70+ on High way with a speed of 40-50 kmph.

    My Final Verdict:
    Chose the bike as per your requirement. But my Final verdict will go for Hero Glamour for its Look, Engine Smoothness, Vibration free, Good Resell Value, attractive dashboard (with Digital Odometer and Digital Trip Meter) and of course Good mileage.

    Hope Your query is resolved...

    1. Thankq sir. I got an idea on bike. But small dout some people are saying that hero glamour was not good for that reason I approached U. Thankq once again.

      But can you clarify my dout once again don't mind.

    2. First of all, Happy independence day !! :)

      I am unable to understand what is your doubt.. But yes, I must say one thing that "Before 2012, Hero Honda Glamour was not having a good machine". But after 2012, the Machine is improved a lot in terms of Power, Mileage and Performance. So, do not be biased by other people. Its very common that, people are uncertain about Hero's future. But thats totally worthless. Go ahead with Glamour, you will not disappointed. And one more thing "No Bike is Perfect, every bike has some Goodies and some bads"... So, do not be confused and put your luck on Glamour..


    3. Thankq u sir. Sorry for not explaining about my dout. I am living Rajahmundry. In my city most of the people purchased Glamour. So, my friends are saying that why to take glamour take different bike. But I am interested on Glamour. On listening all my friends advises I am totally confused. Can u give me conclusion on that....

      Thankq u.

    4. He he he :)
      Its so funny to hear your confusion... Common yar, if your city is crowded with Glamour let it make more crowder. See, if the number of Glamour is more that implies that it is having a Good mouth of words i.e. the users are more satisfied over the bike. So, do not be confused, just go ahead and purchase Your new Glamour.... Happy Driving... :)


  11. Your suggestions are really good. It helped me to make my mind towards glamour. But I need suggestion regarding the choice of brake...front disc or drum? This would be my first bike... I just need a bike for general use... I dont like riding in high speed... For me 60-70 is more than enough speed to travel with. Please help me....��

  12. As You are a new biker and you are not so addicted for High speed. You should go for Drum Brake. Drum brake is also very good in case of glamour. See, using disk brake sometimes causes More dangerous accident if you are not very much familiar with it. So, my advice to go with a Drum Brake. For better grips, ask the Dealer to give you a MRF Tyre (Say NO to CEAT for the Back tyre)...
    Have a nice Drive... :)

  13. Thankyou for your swift response. I will definitely go for drum break. However, I need your advice to get the best deal from the dealer. I have already checked with a dealer. He is offering me accessories worth of 800 bucks. Is it a good deal?

  14. I forgot to mention that I would be paying the complete amount by cash. I am in Kochi. I am planning to buy the bike at the beginning of next month.

  15. Well about accessories, better ask for Cash Discount because you can not know the actual price of the accessories from the dealer. For example, he will give you a Seat cover saying its worth Rs.200-300 but the real price may be less. As per my opinion, you should visit 2-3 showrooms and bargain for the price and then purchase from the Dealer which is giving the best deal. But one thing, please purchase from the dealer which is having Good name in case of service. Because you should not go for Rs.200-300 discount for a bad service record showroom. I hope You understand the points.

  16. You should bargain both for Cash discount as well as Accessories.. for example
    cash discount worth Rs.500 - 1000.
    and Accessories worth Rs.1000-500

    But Never compromise with the service quality. Because you may take an initial advantage but in latter stage you may have to suffer from bad servicing.

    1. Thanks again for the quick reply. Now my next question is regarding registration of bike. I am from west Bengal, and working in Kochi in a MNC. I am planning to stay in Kochi for next 2-3 years. I have expressed the concern to the dealer and he suggested me to register my bike with Office address by presentation of adequate employment documents. They are suggesting me to register the bike with office address as present address and west Bengal address as permanent address. So that when I would be going back to my native state, I dont need to register my bike to the respective rto again by paying ₹500-600. I am also planning to move to either Chennai or Bangalore after 2-3 years. What would you suggest?

    2. Well Robin,
      If I am not wrong, You are a s/w engineer ?
      Anyway, as You are currently staying @ Kochi, You should register your bike in that location. While Transferring your place, you need to get a clearance certificate from there (Kochi) and then only your vehicle can enter into any other states RTO. But for the time, you don't need to worry about the same. Because:
      1) You may have to stay @ Kochi for another 4-5 years.
      2) You may like to sold out the bike there after 4 years in order to avoid RTO problem.

      So, as per my opinion you should not worry about this as we are not sure about the future. For the time being, you should register your bike @ your current location(Kochi).


    3. Thankyou for all your suggestions. I really appreciate your swift responses and the way of addressing the issues..... Good going dude❕...��

      Asankhya dhanyavad!

  17. hello sir,
    first of all thank you so much for wonderful review.
    i am very much confused between Hero Glamour and Bajaj Discover 125T. i want good mileage,power, zero maintenance and awesome look.some people told me that since honda is no longer the part of hero so reliable engine for glamour by hero is still in doubt.and for bajaj discover 125 T they told me that its engine starts giving different sound after 2 years. i am very much confused. please suggest me the right bike for me.i am planning to purchase next week and that would be my first bike. thank you sir in advance, please rply.

    1. from any 125cc bike, we should not expect mileage like a 100cc bike i.e. around 65+kmpl. But in case of Glamour and Discover 125 both are able to give 60-70 kmpl mileage.

      Now, as per your requirements and considering the fact that you are going to have your first bike, I will suggest you to go with Glamour.
      It has Reliable Engine
      Good Mileage (60+ is must in highway)
      Low maintenance
      Good Power
      No Vibration Issue
      Awesome Look :)

      Now Why Not Discover ?
      - Reliability issue
      - Comfort is not so good
      - Maintenance (Particularly the chain sprocket)

      So as per my Suggestion You should go for Glamour... :)

  18. Discover 125T, glamour, and Glamour PGFI I am confuse in these 3 bike . following are my doubts reg. above 125cc bikes
    1]Compare glamour the Glamour PGFi cost 10k more
    2]how worth to take Glamour PGFi bike [what is the mileage diffrence betwen these two]
    3]other than seat comfort what is the drawback of discover 125T
    4] which bike wil be in good condition after 4 years
    5]compare to discover 125T & glamour which bike has got more sexy looks
    please reply me . awaiting for ur reply

    1. No need to spend too much money (10k extra) for a 125cc bike. Because in that Price you can get a 150cc Premium Bike.
      You are asking about Good condition even after 4 years, so you should be away from Bajaj machines... :)

      About Sexy Look, its a personal choice but I like Glamour Look and also the Discover is not far behind. So its a tie.. :)

      But if you consider any other department like Reliability, Power, Comfort, Mileage, Resell value then you should go for Glamour blindly.

      Hope your doubts are clear now.. If still exist, feel free to ask...


  19. Thank you sir for quick reply. your advice cleared my many doubts. sir,apart from the Glamour can i go for CB honda shine? it has the brand tag name and i think it also fulfill my requirement.sir do honda CB shine really vibrates at higher speed? what are the other issues with this bike?

    your reply will definately take me at my final decision. please reply.thank you once again

  20. Hello Sanjeev,
    Good Morning.. :)
    Well about Honda Shine its definitely a shining Bike. But, as you know no bike is Perfect in the world. It has some good features with some cons, but you need to analyze whether you can compromise with some issues or Not...

    The Positive thing is :

    + Extremely Smooth Engine (Upto Speed of 55-60 kmph).
    + Reliable Engine.
    + Very Good Resell Value.
    + Good Look n Feel and specially the Tubeless tyres are added addon.
    + Good Mileage 60+ in most cases.

    Now, the cons..

    - Engine starts vibrating after 55+ kmph speed. (But, if You Drive @ 40-50 kmph, its not an issue for You).
    - The Tyre width is less, so it is quite prompt for skidding.
    - In higher speed it makes noise i.e. the smoothness of the engine goes away..

    As per my opinion, if you are a city commuter and you drive mostly within 50kmph speed, You can Go for it blindly.

    But, If you want a Vibration free bike (Till 70 kmph speed) and want a Macho looking Bike, you should go for Glamour.

    I have repeatedly said that "My suggestions are always based on the Users requirements nothing like This bike is Best best and best... "
    So, You decide which one you want to go for...

    Hope You agree with me..
    If still any doubt, feel free to ask..

    1. hello Er Satya Narayan Sahu sir,

      thank you sir. i got my doubt clear. your advice really works and i conlude myself for glamour. hope i would see it in my house next week.

  21. Honda Shine is really a good bike to has all the thing that we need in the is not vibrant..i ride it in @90kmph speed..nice n smooth.actualy it depends on in 125cc..

    1. @tukai68: hello tukai68. i went hrough many review claiming that honda shine vibrates very much over speed of 55-65kmph. will you please suggest me is this really so? if so then i will go for hero glamour otherwise honda bike which has been my dream bike since my childhood. waiting for your valuable response.


    2. no this is not properly true..i ride it @90kmph..nd i face nothing..actually buddy its depends on road nd abt ur balance..but one thing that after @60-70kmph its sound will not be smooth as we hair @40-50kmph..

    3. thank you sir for your quick response. since you own hondacb shine your opinion really worthful. as you are saying that above 40-50 kmph speed its engine is not so much smooth. i think this is normal and would be the case with every bike because engine have to deliver power in order to achieve more speed.sir what do you say regarding this? sir what is difference in sound in engine when you ride honda shine @60-70kmph and any other bike like bajaj or hero with the same speed?sir do sound/vibration in engine is very much that we get irritation? some people saying so. i request you to please clear the doubt since you have CB shine your suggestion would be very much valuable.
      thanks and regards

  22. Sir,
    Today, I am really confused in choosing bike. I needs to drive 100 km per day so I prefer to go between 60-70 kmph. Please suggest me a bike that gives excellant comfort and milege with above requirement.
    budget is 55000 - 80000 INR.

    1. Hello Raju,
      As per Your requirements:
      - You will drive 100 kms a day i.e around 2500 - 3000 kms per month.
      - You would like to drive at 60-70 kmph speed.
      - You need comfort.
      - And of course mileage.

      Now, lets know which bike will fit your requirements :
      As Your Driving limit is more i.e 3000 km per month, we have to go for a bike with at least 60+ kmpl.
      Again, as You want to Drive @ higher speed, we have to consider a Performance Bike.

      Considering all these things, you have following options:

      1) Hero Glamour : It will give you 60+ mileage on Highway and 50-60 inside city. You can Drive @ 60-70 kmph speed without any Problem with this Bike. Look is also Very Good.

      2) Honda Stunner : It will also give 55-60 kmpl mileage in Highway and 50+ in city. Though you can easily drive it @ 60-70 kmph speed. But, The Fibre quality is not that much good. Again its a Pure Sporty Bike.

      3) You can also Go for Honda Dream Yuga, but here the Higher Speed (70kmph) is a Dream. Though it will give you very good mileage of 70+ on Highway.

      You can chose any of above, but My personal suggestion is to go for a 150cc Bike. Because You will drive 3000 kms a month and that too with High Speed, so any bike under 150cc will not survive more than couple of years with this kind of usability.

      See, if you are driving so much (around 100 kms/day), you should chose a commuter Bike within 110cc and you should Drive the Bike within 50-60 kmph speed. So that you can get the maximum benefit from the Bike as that will return you 70+kmpl mileage. But, in that case You have to Sacrifice Speed(though You can Drive @ 60-70 kmph speed sometimes) else the Engine will be Damaged in very less Span.

      Again, If You want High Speed and that too at 3000 kms/month, then You have to chose a Performance Bike like 150cc. Because for High Speed, you can not use any Commuter Bike for such a huge use(35,000+ kms per anum) and that too with High Speed. So In this Case, You have to Sacrifice the Mileage i.e you can get 50-55 kmpl on highway and 45+ inside City. And If You like this option you can go for Honda Unicorn or Yamaha SZ(if you want 150cc bike in 125cc bike Price, but remember Yamaha never assure you for Mileage) or Suzuki GS 150. All of them will serve you better for a long time. And Yes, You can also consider TVS Apache 160 in this case also.

      But Yes, I have another opion for You, but I am not sure whether it will Do your job or not. If You will drive @ 60-70 kmph speed for around 30% time i.e. 1000 kms a month and rest 2000 kms within 40-60 kmph. Then You can Go for 125cc Performance Bikes like Hero Glamour or Honda Stunner..

      If still have confusion, Please Give me Detailed information about your requirements, so that I can analyze it in a better way...


  23. dear sir,
    I would like to appreciate you for your views and suggestions as they are very specific, clear, and not confusing. especially from buyers point of view where they are confused with lots of options available in the market.

    Also I would like to have your suggestion regarding this:-
    I am already using a passion plus for 7 years. and now want to buy a new bike. but this time I am looking for performance looks and milage and good control on road with good breaking system (not to skid). my avg running is 50 to 70 kms per day (city+highway, as i am in marketing field).
    I am very much anxious about unicorn, stunner, ignitor, and passion x pro.
    Honda bikes are good but can I relie on their service centres for good service?.
    Also can I be assure with the maintainence point of view with these bikes?
    regarding hero bikes which I mentioned can I relie on them for good performance and milage and maintainence?
    also pls share passion x pro details with its specifications.
    please kindly share your views and suggest me regarding the same.
    sir i'll be anxiously waitng for your response.

    1. Dear Sachin,
      First of all thanks a lot for your appreciation. Now lets analyze what you want...
      You have already driven Hero Honda Passion for last 7 years, that means you are around 5 feet 7 inch height and good health. Now, You want 1) Performance 2) Look 3) Mileage. I understand your situation because a Person who has been Driving a Hero Honda 100cc bike for such a long Period, he must Vigorously look for Power, Performance and Thrill.. :) am I right ?

      Well About Passion X-Pro, Forget it because it is not for You any more... Rather, you should go for Honda Dream Yuga if you still want a commuter bike as your old bike because Passion xpro is a 110 cc Bike. :(

      Considering Your Choice, you have Honda Unicorn in Your list, so if you can afford it (costs around 77k onroad) and gives mileage of 55-60 on High way and 50+ inside city. Then You should DEFINITELY go for it. It has the Best Engine, The Best Smoothness, The Best Performance, The best mileage (assured) and The Best Resell value.

      If You want little more Mileage You can go for Honda Stunner, which is having the Best look in 125cc Machines and Descent Mileage, Power and Comfort though You may have to face Tyre skidding due to less width tyre. But, I will suggest to go for Hero glamour if you want Better Mileage, Performance and Look(little less sorty than Stunner).

      About Honda Service, Its becoming very good now a days. So, no need to worry about it.

      So, My final Verdict would be:
      1) If you can be happy to get mixed 55kmpl mileage, then go For Honda Unicorn Blindly.

      2) If You are looking for both Mileage and Performance, Glamour is at much higher place than that of Stunner...

      Hope You got your answer here... Feel free to post any other doubts or confusion..


    2. Dear sir,
      Very much thanks for your speedy and acurate reply.
      You was accurate regarding my bike needs and my physical look. I am 5 feet 7 inches in height with good healthy condition.
      Also like to appreciate your accurate suggestion as it totally resolve my purpose.
      Now My new bike will be either unicorn or glamour.
      Also please share tips regarding how to maintain a engine and bike so that it lasts for long and tips to improve or maintain a good milage.
      Your suggestions and guidance are precious.
      thanks for your valuable suggestion.

    3. Hello Sachin,
      I am happy that your doubts are get cleared @ "indianbikereview".. Now about Maintenance of your Bike.. Well, I will definitely give you some good suggestions but have you gone through my post :

      It will definitely help You..
      Still I am puting some short and effective points here:

      - Daily warm up your vehicle By a KickStart and then keeping the engine idle for 30sec-1 min..
      - For 1st 4000 km, don't exceed Your bike more than Economic range i.e. always ride within 60kmph speed. But yes within 1st 2000 km, don't ride above 45kmph speed.
      - Take some long journey on Highway with a Constant speed of 40 kmph or 45 kmph(in case of 150cc bike) like a journey of 100 km up and 100 km down On HighWay with 40kmph speed.
      - Don't rush/accelerate your Bike too hard like a newbie who used to drive like a Racer or Dhoom style. Its not a Racing Bike.. :)
      - Change your Engine Oil @ every 2000 kms.
      - Clean your Filter every 2000 kms.
      - Clean your Plug time to time.
      - Ride Your Bike in Economic speed and Enjoy your Riding.
      - Clean your Bike with your Own hand and feel proud for the same. Use Amway Car Shampoo and Amway Silicon Glaze for caring exterior part of your Bike.
      - Yes, always check your Bike pressure every 15 days gap. Keep your Rear wheel pressure @ 40 (though its mentioned to keep at 36) if its not a Rainy day and your Tyre is in very good condition. But for your front wheel keep it @ 25.
      - Every month, you should check your mileage in order to confirm that your machine is giving proper mileage. Because in many cases, People are happy/unhappy with their Virtual mileage which they had measured before 6 months or 1 year..

      Hope this will definitely help your Bike to sustain for years and service you better...


  24. I am Sai. I am purchasing a new bike can u suggest me. I have good opinion on Glamour. But I am confused on my friends review on bikes. Some people are saying to purchase glamour but some people are advising me to take 150cc bike. I will not drive more. I am already using Mahindra Duro with this i am getting 40 mileage in city depends on speed.
    But my relatives say that Yamaha is best except resale value. My friends advise me after 4 years if u want to change u cant.

    Near to my house I approached a mechanic for advise. He said go for glamour or Mahindra Centuro. But Mahindra centuro was 110cc and feature he given were awesome like digital speedometer, anti theft key, find me lamp, etc.. . Can u advise me new suggestion.

    1. Dear Sri,
      I want to provide you a better solution, but for that I want to know your requirements like :

      - How much kms you drive per Month.
      - How much Mileage You Expect i.e will you be happy with 50+ or 60+ kmpl?
      - At which Speed you used to Drive ?
      - How much time You Drive inside City Traffic and How much On HighWay?
      - Finally, How much You can afford like : 50k, 60, 70k+ ?

      Please provide me above details, so that I can give You a Perfect solution...

      Waiting for your response...

  25. Dear Sai,
    I want to provide you a better solution, but for that I want to know your requirements like :

    - How much kms you drive per Month.
    - How much Mileage You Expect i.e will you be happy with 50+ or 60+ kmpl?
    - At which Speed you used to Drive ?
    - How much time You Drive inside City Traffic and How much On HighWay?
    - Finally, How much You can afford like : 50k, 60, 70k+ ?

    Please provide me above details, so that I can give You a Perfect solution...

    Waiting for your response...

  26. Sir I am Sri Sai Kumar.

    Per month approximate 1000 Kms may be less in some cases. I am just a student. I want mileage 50+ and i need good pickup I will compromise on resale value.

    I will go 50 - 70 kmph. I will use maximum on highway in city less time. I can afford 60k and 70k also and not more than that.

    Can u give me information in 125cc segment and 150cc segment.
    In 125cc segment I will go for glamour. But I need to know in 150cc segment also. Give me information in both segments. Which bike is best for me


    1. Hi,
      Well as Your Driving range is less than 1000 kms/month and You are not caring for mileage. You can go for Yamaha SZ Bike within Your budget i.e. 60k-65k . But No other 150cc bike will cost less than this one. So, You have only one option in this segment.
      Now, About Yamaha SZ (X or Z),

      About its Pros:

      + Highly Reliable Engine.
      + No Vibration issue till 75 kmph speed or even more.
      + Value For Money i.e. @ Rs.63-65k you can get a 150cc bike.
      + Extremely Nice Pick Up.
      + Good Breaking system.

      Its Issues:

      1) The most important issue is Mileage Fluctuation i.e. You may get 55 kmpl during 1st year and it may suddenly drop to 45 kmpl in the 2nd Year!!!

      2) The Spare Parts are also sometimes create Problem, though it depends on the Locale you reside at.

      3) Poor Resell value, you would expect around Rs.20k after 3 years.. But if you are not caring for Resell its not a big deal for you.

      My Suggestion about the Bike :
      At this Cost, You can not expect a Premium Bike but here it is Possible.. :) But, as everyone know "Yamaha is well known for Poor Mileage".. So if You can afford it, then You can Go for it. But before going for it, Be ready to Compromise with Mileage i.e Mentally you should ready for 45kmpl Mileage, so that you will not harass in future. My Final word : "If You are Ready for a Mileage of 45kmpl, Then This bike is the Best for You"... You can't get any other bike with such Power,Performance,Reliability in this price Range.

      Now, If You think that, You can not afford 45kmpl(which is quite obvious for most of all), then You have to think about 125cc Bike. And as You know, in 125cc segment if we give Priority to Speed and Look, then the Best is Hero Glamour. It will Definitely give you 50-55 kmpl in city and a sure shot 60+ on Highway. And, You can also ride the bike @ 50-70 kmph speed on Highway (But try to avoid 65+ in order to get more longevity of your Bike).. Yes, one more thing This Bike will cost You around 60-63k on road which is same to that of Yamaha SZ.

      My Final Verdict :
      As Both Bikes are having around same Price:
      If You want Good Mileage, Look, Resell Value and Descent Power then You should Go for Hero Glamour.

      If You are ready to compromise with Mileage i.e you can afford 45kmpl, Then Definitely Yamaha SZ is for You.. It has all the Premium Bike Features like Power, Performance, Reliability and all in a very small Price tag of around 63k..

      Well, If your Driving limit is less than 1000 kms, then I think You can go for SZ. Because:

      Lets assume that your bike will Give Mileage of 45kmpl at Extreme Condition.. Then your Monthly Petrol consumption will be 20 ltrs (considering 900 kms per month use).

      Now, if You own a Glamour, let it will give you average of 55kmpl (though it may be high as you will drive your bike mostly on Highways but again You want to drive @ High Speed, so 55 kmpl will be the best match) then your Monthly Petrol Requirement will be 16.4 lts.

      That means You will have to use 3.6 ltrs petrol more in case of Yamaha SZ which will cost you around Rs.250 extra. But again we have to remember that,this is the worst condition we are taking into our calculation, because you may get 55 kmpl mileage in SZ also. But still, lets assume that, You have to spend Extra Rs.200+ for Yamaha SZ and in return You will get all the Feelings of a Premium Bike at the Same cost. Yes, another factor is resell Value, in that case you may loose upto 10k with respect to Glamour after 4-5 years(Considering Glamour will be resell @ 30k ). But again, You are saving initial 10-15k (because all 150cc Bikes cost you more than 75k), so its a much better Deal.

      From above analysis, we conclude that if you Purchase a Yamaha SZ you have to spend Rs.200 Extra per month for the Feelings of a Premium 150cc Bike at a "Premium Commuter Bike" Price Range.

      *Remember, our calculations are based on your input i.e. Less than 1000 kms use per month.

      So, Choice is Yours...

    2. Thankq sir for giving me best information. Can you say what about suzuki gs150r. How this bike was. can u give some information.

    3. Hello,
      Well in single line "Suxuki Gs150R is an awesome bike with Reliable Vibration free Engine, Heavy Kerb weight which will help you to drive the bike even @ 120 kmph in ease, Extra ordinary Refined Machine, Macho looking, descent Mileage of around 50+ kmpl(may vary between 50-58 kmpl) and all this costs you 75k on road.. ".
      This has all the Features of Honda Unicorn Except "Resell Value" but at the same time, Its look is much more better than Honda Unicorn...
      If You do not care for resell value and want a machine with Extra Ordinary features this bike is for You. But remember the tag... :)

    4. Thnkq sir for immediate response...

  27. Suzuki GS 150 R- Mileage - 40-42 km/litre (In Bangalore City) in optimum condition of bike and best driving skills... Never excceds 46 in city limits... Highway upto 47 and max 50.

    1. Hi Piyush,
      Well You may be getting this, its possible.. But, mostly GS150R gives around 50 kmpl mileage. Some even getting around 58/59 kmpl mileage. Bikes are like Horse. So, who knows when it will turn into Wild.. :) Even some Platina or CT 100 users were getting 35-40 kmpl mileage against the claimed 101 kmpl from Bajaj.. But, if You are getting such low mileage and upset about it, You should file a Consumer case against Suzuki and I am sure You will win... :)

  28. Dear Mr.satya

    your reviews are awesome and very useful

    I would request to suggest me a bike which i am little bit confused to choose.

    here all my requirements
    1.110cc or 125cc. monthly distance coverage is 1000km.
    3.mileage should be 60+.
    4.should have goods shocks(i am having back pain).

    also,i have some bikes in mind like honda twister,activa-i,mahindra centuro,tvs phonix,yamaha ss125,yamaha ybr.

    please suggest.

    Thanks in advance.


    1. Hello Sundar,
      Thanks for appreciating my Blog "indianBikeReview".. :)
      Well if we study your requirements...

      A bike with 60+ mileage, good shock absorber within 125cc, will be either Hero Glamour or Honda Twister...

      Both bike are having some pros and some cons, so you need to decide as per Your requirements:

      About Hero Glamour :
      + Look
      + Comfort
      + Power n Performance
      + Descent Mileage of 60+ on Highway and around 55 on City.
      + Good Shock absorber.
      + No skidding Issue.
      + No Vibration issue till 70kmph speed.

      - Low Mileage compared to Honda Twister.
      - Look is not that much sporty as Twister.

      Now, About Honda Twister 110cc,
      + Mileage of 70kmpl in Highway and 60kmpl in city traffic.
      + Good Refined Engine.
      + Nice Look.

      - Power @ High speed > 60 kmph.
      - Skidding issue due to less width Tyres.

      So, You decide as per your requirement...
      Still doubt, feel free to ask...


  29. Dear Mr.satya
    Thanks for your quick reply.

    If i am not considering the mileage
    What about honda activa-i?.which is less weight and trustable..your views pls.

    also..i am seeing good reviews on mahindra centuro which crossed already 30000 bookings

    will i get the spare for this bike easily?

    please clarify


    1. Hello,
      Well about Honda activa-i, its a very good scooter.. It will give you a mileage of 50-60 kmpl. But, sometimes activa's mileage drops suddenly like from 50kmpl to 35kmpl.. Besides mileage, Activa has NO issue w.r.t other scooters in the Market. So You can Definitely GO for it...

      About Mahindra Centuro, Well I will not suggest to Go for it.. It may have a Good Engine or it may be hit in future but still..
      - It is Not yet Proved..
      - Its future is Uncertain who knows it may turn into LML or Kinetic...
      - Spare parts will be a sure issue at least for 1st year.
      - Low Resell Value..

      But if You still want to have a gamble, that's your wish.. :)


  30. Hi Satya,

    could you please suggest what bike i have to purchase.

    Following are my criterias:

    Mileage,looks,and with low maintenance.Daily i have to drive 5o kms.

  31. I mean to say atlest 5 to 6 years i should not get any big problems to my bike.

    1. For Mileage, Low maintenance and Longevity of bike, I will suggest You to go either for Hero, Honda or Yamaha Bikes..
      So there are following Options with You :

      1) Honda Shine : Mileage around 60kmpl. Engine is Extremely Refined, can last upto 7-8 years without any Problem i.e. around 70k kms run. But... Engine noise over 55 kmph speed. Look is Not Sporty.

      2) Honda Stunner: Look is simply Awesome. But mileage would be around 55 kmpl. It can also last for more than 5 years without any big issue.

      3) Hero Glamour : It has Good Look though not better than Stunner, Good Mileage of 65 kmpl on Highway. No Vibration issue. Engine can last for more than 5 years without any issue.

      4) Yamaha YBR 125 : Well its good in Engine Section. It can last more than 10 years... But the problem is its Mileage,, it may give you 60 kmpl and suddenly may drop to 45-50 kmpl..

      So, According to Your Need, i.e. Look, Mileage, Engine longevity You should Go for Hero Glamour...

  32. Dear Sir,
    My name is Chandru, i live in Bangalore, i travel around 30 to 40km daily in city. I am planning to buy my first bike by end of this month; bike should have good mileage and also good performance. I am not a skilled rider, this is my first bike, i am looking for in the range of 125cc, i am confused between glamour, discover125ST and pulsar 135ls. I tried to Google and compare, but the comparison added more in to the confusion.
    Could u also highlight the difference between Discover 125ST and Discover 125T. My main concern is mileage and cost between 55 to 65k.

    Please suggest me.
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Hello Chandru,
      Let me grab few points from your input..

      1) You Travel mostly inside City Traffic.
      2) Your Daily commute is 30-40 kms i.e around 1000 kms per month.
      3) You need Mileage and Performance.
      4) This is your 1st Bike and you admit that you are Not a Skilled rider.
      5) Budget : 55k to 65k.

      My 1st suggestion for You "Do NOT go for Any Bajaj Bike as you are going to buy your maiden Bike...". Bajaj Bikes may give you better fuel Efficiency like 60+kmpl or may be 70kmpl(sometimes), but You will loose more Money on Spares and Maintenance. So, never think about these Bikes unless Your Driving range is more than 3000 kms. But You have only 1000 kms per month.

      Now, About Glamour : Everything is Ok but as You will Drive mostly inside City Traffic and You are not a skilled rider. Do NOT go for it. Because Glamour can Give You Better Mileage on Highway i.e. 65kmpl but inside city, it will Give you around 50kmpl mileage. Another thing, Glamour is Best for those who Needs Vibration Free riding i.e. they used to ride Bike @ 60+ kmph speed. But as You will drive in City Traffic, I do not think You will Drive @ High speed.

      Now, For You : As You are a New user and You will mostly Drive inside City and that too at low speed of around 40-50 or sometimes 60kmph speed, You should Go for "Honda Shine", it has the Best engine and the Reliable machine can give you around 55 kmpl inside City.

      Remember I am assuming that You will Drive mostly(80%) inside city and You will Drive at Low speed i.e. within 55 kmph speed mostly(80% time). So, I will recommend You to Go for Honda Shine as it has the Most Reliable Machine which can be easily handled by any New rider.. :)

      But again if You want to Drive Your Bike @ 60+kmph speed most of the time i.e more than 50% time, then You can go for Hero Glamour, But remember Glamour will give You less Mileage in side City Traffic than Shine...

  33. which bike is better
    cb shine or discover
    performance ke hisab se konsi bike jyada acchi hai
    main discover 125st lena chahta hu,but kya ye bike 4-5 saal baad bhi sahi chalegi?

    1. Hi Lalit,
      1st point:
      4-5 saal BAAD koi bhi Bajaj Bike can not run Properly unless you have used around 30,000 kms within that Period. In short, we can say bajaj Bikes have a average ENGINE longevity of 50,000 kms and If you Drive Harshly it will last even lesser.

      At the Same time, CB Shine, has the Best in Class Engine (Except Vibration issue @ high Speed) but can last more than 7 years without any Engine issue or around 70,000 kms without any Engine Issue..

      I hope You got Your answer as per your input.. :)


  34. Thank You very much for your input sir..
    It means a lot to me.

  35. hi..i am looking for buying a bike with lot of confusions...
    pls suggest me which is better between passion pro,passion xpro and glamour...
    as soon as possible ..reply me pls

    1. Hi, I am unable to get what exactly You want from Your Bike. Because the 3 bikes you mentioned are having different machines.. Passion Pro has 100cc Engine, XPro has 110cc Engine and Glamour has 125cc Engine. So, its not possible to solve your confusion without knowing your Requirements.. Please mention
      - What Speed You like To Drive.
      - Do you need Power and Performance OR Mileage ?
      - How much Mileage You Except.
      - Your Running i.e kms/month.
      - Budget.
      - How much time You Drive inside City Traffic and How much On Highway..

      Please come back with these information.. I will definitely help you to solve your confusion,,,


    2. hi..
      thanks for u r quick age 27 ...married..lecturer

      -max 50 and 40 speed avg i go...
      -i need 60 milage is high enough with little power and perfomance
      -i am excepting 60 milage
      -daily 20 km thats it
      -budget around 60k
      -only in high way that to 20 km per day...

      main thing i like to say is im 6ft height and nice physic
      main req is i need big size bike...
      i am v much intersted in now tell me which i go passion pro,passion xpro and glamour...

      but when i saw review in other websites saying glamour giving just 40km amd many pls guide me..
      i am going to buy as eraly as possible..

    3. Hello,
      For YOU, I will suggest to go for Honda Shine Blindly..

      Why Honda Shine :
      + It will Give You 60+ Mileage on High Way.
      + You need not worry about Vibration or Skidding Problem, because You will Drive Maximum @ 50kmph speed. Moreover You have good height and You can easily handle it.
      + Your Daily Commute is Less i.e only 20 kms a day. So, I am Damn sure that You can ride the Bike over years i.e 10 years without any Engine Problem.
      + Your Budget is 60k, but I think You need to extend this little more i.e upto 63k.. :)

      Why Not Glamour :
      - As You will drive @ less speed, Glamour is not Mandatory for You.. Moreover, Shine has better Engine Smoothness than Glamour (Upto 55kmph Speed), So Shine would be better option for You.
      - Shine has better Resell value than Glamour..

      About Mileage of Glamour, The all New (2012+) Glamours will definitely Give You 60+kmpl on Highway if You Drive @ 40-50 kmph speed. But inside City, Glamour will give you 50kmpl mileage. About Review of Glamour, Probably You have read the review of Old Glamours or may be some Exception. Otherwise, it should give you 60+ on Highway for Sure... If you read the Review of any Bike, You will find Both good and Bad Review, but we have to believe on "Mostly"...

      So, If You like and want to Go for Glamour You can Go... No Problem at all... Rather for Your Height (6 feet), glamour suits more.. But, if You are confused You can Go for Shine without any second thought... Because You want to Drive within 50 kmph speed.. So, Shine will be better option for You..

      About Hero Passion or Passion X-Pro, Please don't go for these bikes.. Because You will feel under powered when You and your spouse will move on the Bike as you are quite healthy.. And also, both the New passion Pro and Passion x-Pro are not successful..
      Hero has only one Model which is Best in the Segment i.e. Glamour.. Nothing Else for NOW...

      If you have confusion, ask me.. I will try my best for You..


  36. Hello sir
    my age is 18, I am a btech 1st year student my house is at a distance of 15 km from my home I want a bike which can last for atleast 5 year my budget is around 70k my height is 5'7 my friends r telling to go for pulsar 135 but I am confused between shine,pulsar 135,glamour,ignitor and passion xpro and discover 125t I usually ride Activa at a speed of 40-50 and I like it very much this would be my first bike plz help me to choose the best bike.waiting for your reply eagerly....

    1. Hi,
      First of all You have mentioned that "This would be Your 1st Bike". Then...
      - You like to Drive @ 40-50 kmph speed.
      - Your Daily commute is around 30 kms (15 up 15 down) i.e around 1000 km/month.
      - You have Good Height.
      - Budget 70k.

      As per My opinion You should chose either Glamour or Honda Shine. Both will Do your job Perfectly. But, the Difference between the two are :

      If You chose Shine, You have to Drive your Bike within 55 kmph speed to avoid Engine Noise and Vibration. But if you Drive within 55kmph, You will get the MOST enjoyable drive or you can say You will feel as if you are Driving your bike on Air.. Yes, another thing You may face Skid issue due to Low Width Tyre, but if you are driving @ low speed, I think You can easily Control it. Mileage would be descent i.e. 60+ kmpl.

      Now, If you want to Drive Your Bike @ High Speed Then You should go for glamour. It will give you Vibration free driving experience till 70kmph speed. It has much better look than Shine. Its mileage on Highway is 65+ and inside city 55kmpl.

      About Bajaj Pulsur 135, Please Do not Go for any Bajaj Bike.. Moreover P135 is a flop model from Bajaj, so never think about it. To add this, as You own a Honda Scooter, You will not at all satisfied with any Bike except Hero or Honda or Yamaha... So, forget about Bajaj. Need any other help.. Give detailed information on your Need.. I will definitely help You..


  37. Thanks a lot sir for your quick response.....
    Sir honda shine and ignitor have tubeless tyre but glamour doesn't have it,are tubeless tyres really important?what is there average life?are they successfull in long run?
    And sir what are your views regarding ignitor,I liked its look very much and what are the problems I may face in future if I buy it..
    Skidding problem is common in shine or it may also occur in glamour or any other bike in this segment? I didn't know much about it please help me..Till know I have driven only activa and I haven't faced any skidding problem yet....
    waiting for your reply....

    1. Hello,
      About Tubeless Tyre, well its Price is just Rs.100/- extra than that of General Tyre. The advantage is that "You can STILL Drive the Bike during Puncture by just giving Pressure to the Tyres".. The Disadvantage is that the Repairing Cost is More i.e. around 2.5 times more than Ordinary Puncture Repair.
      Well, You can use the Tubeless Tyre as Tubed in Future if you like. Both of them are having similar longevity.. It depends upon Your Choice. In Glamour, You can ask for fitting a Tubeless Tyre just by spending Rs.100-200 extra during Purchase of the Bike.. :)
      About Ignitor, Its a new Bike and Not Proved in the market. But if you like I will suggest you to go for Stunner instead because that is already in the Market for long time and You will not face any Problem for Spare parts..
      Skidding Problem is Due to "Less Width Tyre of Shine" and in case of Glamour, it has much more width than shine.. So, NO skidding issue in Glamour.. :)

    2. Sir Is there any way to reduce skidding issue in shine....
      I stay at Bhopal here I couldn't find even a single glamour running on road so my parents and relatives are saying to go for shine or passion or discover or any other bike in 100-110 cc segment please help me I am unable to decide....
      waiting for your reply.....

    3. Hello,
      Well to avoid skidding issue, You can use "Tyre with More width that the one which comes factory made"..

      But there is a Good option for You, See if You Drive your Bike within 40-60 kmph speed, You Never need to worry for Skidding issue.:) Moreover, if you take care your Bike like this (running @ 40-60 kmph speed) it will also increase Longevity of Your Shine and also You will feel the Real Engine smoothness of Shine @ this speed. So, If your parents and relatives are recommending You for Shine, then You should Go for it.

      Remember No Bike in Indian Market can Give You the Engine smoothness of Shine @ Economic Speed... To add this, Your bike will be with You for a very very long time if you love to take care of Your Bike because Shine has one of the Most Reliable Engine in the Indian Market.

      So, My suggestion for You to Go for Shine without any single thought and please don't rash Drive your Bike. Do not be confused anymore.. Just Go and Grab Your Shine Today.. You will not repent..


  38. sir my name is sanjay i have to cross a small type of mountain that is about 11kms long and daily run about 70 kms per day i want to buy a bike my budget is 74000 and wt 60 milage

    1. Hello Sanjaya,
      As You have to Ride DAILY 11 km over mountain, So I think You should Go for a 150cc Bike. Moreover, Your Budget is Good i.e. 74,000/- . I will suggest you to:

      1) Add Rs.3000/- and Buy a Honda Unicorn .
      2) Buy a Suzuki GS150..

      Both will work for You... Unicorn is in Plus because of its Resell Value..

      But if You still want a 125cc Bike, You should go for Hero Glamour or Bajaj 125ST (for Power) or You can also testdrive a New Mahindra Centuro...

      I will suggest you to take a TestDrive of all the Bikes over the small Mountain and then Decide which to go for,,..


  39. dear sir
    i want purchase Yamaha ss125 for daily 100 kms running therefore
    please suggest me is it right?

    pradeep kumar

    1. Dear Pradeep,
      First of all I want to make you sure that "Though Yamaha ss125 is a awesome Bike but its mileage is INCONSISTENT moreover Yamaha is known as Petrol eater!! ".. Again as your driving range is around 3000 km per month, which is very High.. So, If you purchase this Bike then You have to spend a lot for FUEL (whose Price is Going Up every fortnight)..

      Lets assume that Your bike will give you 50kmpl mileage (Avg), so for 3000 km You have to put 60 ltrs of petrol i.e. around Rs.4500 per month. It is not so easy to afford such a huge amount for a common man.

      Now, If you Purchase a Fuel efficient 125cc Bike like Bajaj Discover 125ST or Hero Glamour.. Lets assume their avg mileage would be around 60kmpl. That turns into 50 ltrs of Petrol.. In short a Savings of Rs.750/- (from 10 ltr petrol), which is a Very good amount..

      but if You still want to go for Yamaha SS125 and do not bother for the Mileage.. Then I will definitely suggest You to go for SS125...

      Still doubt, please come back with detailed information like "What mileage You Prefer", "@ which speed you used to Drive", "Your budget" and other specific requirement if any.. I will happy to help you...


  40. Hi Satya,

    You have already made a great analysis on above article still I want to ask for my specific requirements.

    Please I need your expert & detail suggestion for my requirement.

    I am Himanshu & just shifted to Pune. Back in Baroda (Gujarat) I was using Platina 100cc since 7 years. I do take good care of my bike so it still gives me 77kmpl.

    Now I am planning to buy 125cc bike in Pune (either Honda, Bajaj or Hero)

    I am Looking for...
    - Good sporty look + Good Power + Better FE + Low Maintenance + Smooth Driving & Comfort even for back seater.

    I don't care a dam for resell value as I want to use it for longer time.

    My daily usage in city would be 20-30km. While mostly my usage will be in a city & I drive at an economical speed 40-50 kmph but on High way I like to drive at 60-90 kmph range(but that comes rarely, say once in a month or two...)

    Now IMPORTANT point to consider is that I like to travel a lot (again say once in a month) at places like hills & forests etc where roads are rough & stiff most of the times & such places are plenty around Pune :):) So pls consider TYRE options & performance as well.

    I have short listed below models.
    - Bajaj Discoverer 125st
    - Honda Stunner
    - Honda Shine
    - Hero Glamour

    Please help to choose best out of these as per my requirements or if any other model is there then also suggest me.

    Thanks in advance & waiting for your valuable response.
    My number is 07798885070. Would like to hear you as well, for your expert opinion. :)

    Good Day.

  41. Hello Himanshu,
    First of all, lets know what are your requirements look like :

    1) Good look.
    2) Reliable Engine for long Run.
    3) Good Fuel Efficiency.
    4) Power.
    5) Speed: Around 40-60 most of the Time and sometimes @ 60-90.
    6) Usability : Most of the Time inside City.
    7) Do not Bother for Resell value.

    From Your requirements, it shows You Need Everything Except Resell Value. This is really very tough to Decide such a Bike for You. But still I am trying my best to resolve the same...

    From above lets Avoid Shine for its Commuter Look, Vibration @ High Speed, Skidding Issue.

    Now, we have 3 bikes from Your list.. If we care for Mileage we have to forget about Honda Stunner, because it will give you a mileage of 50-55 kmpl in city Traffic. Moreover, its Body is Extremely poor. It has Headlight issue while turning. Moreover its very light, so you will feel as if flying at HighSpeed.. So lets cancel this one...

    Now we have 2 options :

    Bajaj Discover 125ST
    Hero Glamour

    Now, lets put our eyes on Your History.. Yes, you have a "Bajaj Pltina 100" for 7 years and that Bike is still Giving You 77kmpl Mileage. Thats great.. It shows Your caring nature towards your Bike. I am sure You never harsh drive your Bike like 70kmph speed and you must have kept it single handed. Moreover, your Driving range is less i.e. around 700-800 kms per month. The most important part is You are a Happy customer of Bajaj.

    Now, when we consider any 125cc bike, we have to lower our expectation from Mileage and focus for Performance. So, You have to remain satisfied with a mileage of around 60kmpl from any 125cc Bike.

    Now, lets analyze our last contenders i.e. Hero Glamour and Bajaj Discover 125ST.

    Well, Both Bikes will fulfill your requirements without any Problem i.e all 7 parameters mentioned above. So, you can chose anyone from them. As your Driving range is only 700-800 kms per month i.e. 9000 kms per anum. So, the Bajaj Bike can easily last for 6+years. Because, the Average engine life of a Bajaj Bike is 50-60k kms, where as the Glamour can run for more than 70k kms i.e 7-8 years. So, there is not a big Difference.

    But but.. The Mileage of Glamour inside City traffic is not that much good i.e. around 55kmpl. So this is a downside for Glamour. Again as You will Drive mostly inside City Traffic, so I will suggest You to Go for Bajaj Discover 125ST. Discover 125ST will give You a sure shot 60+kmpl overall. To add this, You are Not serious about Resell Value, so as per my suggestion You should go for Bajaj Discover 125ST without any single thought.

    * Remember I am giving you this suggestion keeping the facts in mind that :
    1) You used to drive @ Economic Range (except 1-2 times per month).
    2) You will take care Your Bike as your Previous one.
    3) Your Driving range is less i.e. within 1000 kms per month.
    4) You mostly drive inside City Traffic.

    Hope You got your query resolved.. still Doubt !! Feel Free to ask..


    1. Hello,
      One more thing I want to Clarify that Hero glamour is definitely a Good bike over Bajaj 125ST except inside City Mileage.

      So, If You can compromise on Mileage You should go for Glamour. I am suggesting You for Bajaj Discover because You have experience of Taking care of Bajaj Bikes and as your monthly usage is less...

      Lets compare How much You gain or loss in a Month for Fuel Efficiency. Assume Bajaj Discover gives 60kmpl => for 800 km, 13.33 ltrs petrol per month. Again for Glamour, assume You will get 55kmpl => 14.54 ltrs petrol. So a Difference of 1.11 ltr i.e around Rs.85 /- per month. But in Return You can save a good amount from Maintenance cost, Resell Value and most Importantly a Brand Name. So, you decide which one to go for.. :)

      I mentioned the above because I want not to make You fool without disclosing the facts that may sound interesting to you..

      please do come back with Your response...


  42. sir can u plz guide me about hero igniator?? bcz honda stunner is not available in maraket now dayz so m confused between bajjaj discover 125st and Hero igniator.. so plz guide me..

    1. Hello,
      Regarding Ignitor or 125ST, both have nothing much better than look. These Bikes are for youngsters who like to drive bike with Good look and NOT caring much for Reliability, Mileage(though these bikes will give you 60 avg)...

      Let me tell you some bitter truth about these bike :
      - Mileage is 60 but may floctuate hugely if you drive harshly.
      - The Body Quality is very Poor though it looks attractive from outside.
      - Resell Value is damn horrible as * (I will explain latter).
      - Engine is not that much Refined because these are made only for power.

      Now, Who should purchase these bike:
      + College-goer, who wants Sporty look and feel.
      + Person who is Ready to sale the Bike after 4 years of use.
      + Who only cares Power and totally scarifying Mileage.
      + Budget is Tight : since better Sports bike options are available with High Price tag like 80k+. But I feel its better to save those 15k because those premier bikes will never give you 60 mileage rather they will give you 35-45 kmpl.

      So, if You want a bike for Short-term use with descent fuel efficiency (around 60 kmpl) within 63k on road, then you should go for it..

  43. Hello I am kumar.
    I trying to purchase new bike about 125 to 150 cc segment. My frnds advised me to take suzuki gs150r because it was giving mileage 50 in city and 60 in highway. I dnt know is it true or not. But I need to maintain for long time about to 5 - 6 years. If this bike able to maintain that many years. I will drive at maximum 60kms speed.

    Or suggest me 125cc segment. I will travel daily about 15 kms per days and once in a month for long trip. I can invest upto 60 to 70k.
    In 125cc i prefer glamour. But I need to know how long I can maintain about approxmiate 5 years. So, can u suggest me.


    1. Hi,
      Sorry for late response,,:( actually I was sick.. Anyway, as per Your requirements :

      1) Monthly Usage : 600 kms (approximately).
      2) Mileage : 55+ kmpl.
      3) Longevity : 6+ years.
      4) Speed : maximum 60kmph.
      5) Budget : 60-70k.

      For your requirements there are a lots of options as you have No stress on Mileage (as it seems that I will be happy even with a mileage of 50kmpl in city and 60 on highway) and I also like it because you have monthly usage of around 600 kms, so even if you buy a Fuel Efficient Bike, it will save only Rs.50-100 per month.

      But the thing is that You want a Good bike within 70k. So, I will reccomend you to avoid any 150cc Bike because Unicorn, GS150R or even Yamaha Bikes will cost you more than 75k onroad. But if you can stretch your Budget little more, then You should go for Honda Unicorn blindly. About GS150R, though its a very good Engine and it can give you 50-55 kmpl average but it has Poor Resell Value. So, if You can spend Rs.74k then why not another 2-3k extra for a Reputed Brand like Honda..

      Sometimes, Suzuki bikes may show fall in mileage but in case of Honda No such issue. Unicorn will definitely give you 50+ inside city and around 60(57+) on Highway. Good Resell Value, Better FE, Reliable Engine, Honda Brand Value..

      Now, if we assume that You will go for any Good bike within 70k. Then Glamour will be best Choice. I have repeatedly mentioned that Hero has only One bike i.e. Glamour which is really having a lots of Good things. Otherwise in 150CC segment, hero is still struggling and in 100cc segment Honda and Bajaj have kicked hero out.. :(

      But Glamour is definitely a good Bike. It can easily run for more than 6 years without any engine issue, because its engine has a longevity of around 70,000 kms. As your requirement is 7200 kms per anum. So, you can use this bike over 10 years if you take care of it else 6 years is a sure shot.

      About Glamour and your requirements :
      1) Budget : Glamour will cost you around 61k onroad.
      2) Mileage : 55+ inside city and 65 on Highway (with Economic speed).
      3) Longevity : 6 year araam se.. :)

      So, I will suggest You to go for Hero Glamour and you will not be dissapointed.

    2. Thankq sir. Can u say me how Bajaj discover 125st maintanence will be for long time. Is this bike was suitable for long time.

  44. My name is Gautam and I am a new bike driver and I want to buy my first bike next month. So Please suggest me which one is the best bike Glamour or Glamour Fi and also explain me the differences.....

    1. Hello Gautam,
      Basically between glamour and G-PGMFi the difference is the IC which helps in fuel savings and making you know the Real Time Mileage. I will suggest You to go for Glamour carboruter Model. It will cost you 10k less and moreover, it can be repaired by any good mechanic.


    2. Thanks.....But My Friends suggest me to purchase G-PGMFi, I also like this model. Kya Glamour-PGMFi ko Repair Karna Jada costly hai Glamour se. General Mechanic ko Glamour PGMFi repair karne mei koi Trouble Hogi kya??...

      If we Compare Look of Both The Bike...Who is The Winner???

      Thanks Once Again.

    3. Hello,
      See, there is NO difference in look between Glamour and its PGMFI model except the extended logo of "PgmFi", thats it...

      Yes, general mechanics can't handle Pgm-Fi model Properly. I am confused why you want to spend Rs.10,000 extra just for the same Engine with an additional IC. As an Engineer, I will definitely inform you that the IC fitted in PGM-Fi model is not worth Rs.500.. So, its complete waste of money, better spend those 10,000 for Fuel for a year.. :) Otherwise add 7000 extra and purchase Honda Unicorn which is a Premium bike in 150cc.

      Still You want to waste money for just a logo of Pgm-Fi, then you can Go for it. But, please check both the model in the showroom and then decide... (Don't believe the salesman's word that Pgm-Fi model will give you more mileage..)..

      Best of Luck!!

    4. Thank You Sir, you have Clear my Doubt. Now I decide to Purchase Glamour carboruter Model.

  45. Hi Sir,
    My requirements are below:
    1. Daily 20-30 km
    2. Always city riding
    3. Most time riding alone but some time with spouse and kids
    4. Most be Fuel efficient
    5. Should be a power bike
    As per above requirements please suggest me a good bike for long time.

    1. Hello Pankaj,
      Sorry for late response. :(
      Well as per Your requirements, you should go for Either Honda Shine or Bajaj Discover 125 ST.

      Why Not Hero Glamour :
      - Your usability is inside City Traffic and Glamour gives very less mileage inside City traffic i.e around 55kmpl. But Shine or Discover will Give You 60+kmpl inside city.
      - As, You are a Family Person, I think You should go for Shine because you should drive within 55kmph speed. Shine has a Very Good Performance in Economic Speed.
      - About Power, though Glamour has better power but that is above 60kmph speed. But, Shine can Provide you the best power in City Traffic, specially its its initial Pick up is Very Nice.

      Now, lets have a small analysis over Shine and Discover :
      Both are having Good Power, Mileage but Discover has Better Mileage than Shine. But again inside City Traffic the Mileage difference will be very less like 1-3 kmpl. So, its not a Big Deal, as your average monthly usage is less than 800 kms.
      2nd thing is, Engine Reliability : Undoubtedly Shine has far better Engine than that of Discover. The Engine Smoothness of Shine will make you fall in love with it.
      Finally, about long term use, definitely Shine is winner. And moreover, the Resell value of Shine is much better than any Bajaj Bike.,

      So, My Final suggestion is to go for Shine without any confusion.

      If still have doubt, feel free to ask..

      * I am assuming that You will not Race your Bike over 60kmph more time. Otherwise I would have conclude a different Bike..


  46. Hi Sir,
    I want you to assist a good 125 cc bike for me after reading the points given below .
    1) I am a first time bike driver and I am a bit fat and so should suit on me
    2)Cost 50-60 or just a bit higher than 60
    3)Tubeless tires
    4)mileage above 55
    5)Both city and highway riding(20-30km)
    6)Good resell value
    7)Low mantainance cost

    Also everyone is saying that hero machines are weak after it separated from honda
    and hero will close down in 4-5 years. What's your Idea?

    1. Hi John,
      Your Requirements are almost same to that of Pankaj (The above Comment) except about Fuel Efficiency. You are not that much considering about mileage as You mentioned that you need 55kmpl mileage.

      For You, I will suggest Either go for Honda Shine if You are not a Speedohlic i.e. you will Drive your Bike within 55kmph speed most (>80%) of the time.

      Or, Go for Glamour if You want More Power+Speed+Sporty Look. But, it may give you little less mileage i.e. 53kmpl inside City Traffic. But, that is the Worst case I am talking about. Moreover for just 2kmpl difference, you will get Power,Speed,Performance and Good Look.. To add this, On Highway it will Give You 65+kmpl Mileage. So, chill about it.. :)

      Both Bikes will live more than 6 years as per your mentioned usage i.e. assuming 10,000 kms run per anum. Yes, Don't bother about Others Assumption (Hero is Gone after Honda), its not a fact. Hero is still in No.1 position. :)


    2. Thank you for your reply
      1)Please do compare the mileage of ignitor and glamour...
      2)Sir, do also compare hero super splendor and glamour
      3)People say that hero glamour has pickup problems and changing from 1st gear to 2nd gear is not smooth... What do you say?
      4)You say about replacing the back tyre with MRF tyre and a tubeless one(I need it!!)... What are other things I should ask the dealer and what would be the overall increase in cost???
      Thanks in advance.........

  47. hello sir,
    i am going to buy my 1st bike, but so much confused as a lots of model available in market. i am looking 4 - sporty looks,comfort riding,low maintenance,better engine(less sound & vibration),mileage not less than 65,budget 60k to 65k on road,A bike i feel proud while riding.
    i have to ride 50 - 70 km/day with double sitting in city.
    some of the bike in my list are
    1. bajaj discover 125 st.(i like the looks and power with great mileage 65+ but heard sound and vibration issue )is it true
    2. hero glamour (nice bike with all feature but mileage 55+)
    3. hero passion pro.(looks nice ,good mileage 65+, but less power with 100cc engine.)

    1. and one more thing,
      i mostly need to drive in between 55-65 km/hr in city daily
      and 65+ in highways some times.

    2. Hello Sunil,
      If you want 65 kmpl mileage inside City, then NO bike can assure you the same Except Honda Dream Yuga or Hero Splendor or Sporty looking Honda Twister. But all these are Pure Commuter Bikes : all are within 100-110cc Machines inside. As You want Power, You have to sacrifice in Mileage Department. :( I can't provide you biased information like this Bike will Give you 65 mileage inside city with Good Power and Performance.

      From Your requirement :

      1) Good Power.
      2) Better Sporty Look.
      3) Low maintenance.
      4) Vibration free Engine.
      5) Speed of 65kmph.
      6) Monthly usage of around 2000 kms.
      7) Better Mileage

      From above, it is clear that You want a 100% Perfect Bike which is not possible. Nothing is Perfect in this World. So, You have to sacrifice on something...

      Your listing is Quite Good like Discover 125ST, Glamour, Passion Pro... But I want to replace the Passion Pro with Honda Dream Yuga or Honda Twister...

      If you can compromise little on Power and HighSpeed Driving then You can Blindly Go for Honda Twister. Because it will give you a sure shot 62+kmpl inside city and around 68+ on Highway. It has Sporty Look, Reliable Engine, Comfort Driving and all.

      In the same category, Dream Yuga falls but its look is Pure Commuter so, lets leave this Bike from our List.

      Now, About Glamour : It has all the Features you want Except the Mileage inside City. Remember Glamour can give you 65+kmpl mileage on Highway but inside City it will Give you 55kmpl mileage. So, if You mostly drive on Open Road or Highway you should definitely Go for it.

      About Discover 125ST, It has a very Good Fuel efficiency of 55-60 kmpl inside City and 65+ on Highway. But, the Reliability of Bajaj Bikes is always a concern. Yes, if you believe that it will give you 65kmpl inside City, its a big Notion. So, don't over expect from this Bike. Moreover, the Comfort level is not at all Good: Its seat is Damn Hard and you can't ride a long drive on it.

      So, if you purchase a Discover you will be little happy on its fuel efficiency (that too maximum 5kmpl and inside City) but in long term, You will face Vibration issue on High Speed, Engine work after 3 years as your annual usage is 24000 kms. Moreover the Comfort in long journey is missing and also the maintenance cost will be more. Finally the resell value will be less. So, I don't think for just 5kmpl extra mileage inside City Traffic You should compromise on all these things...

      So, I will suggest you to go for a Glamour (which will give you around 55 kmpl inside City and 65kmpl on Highway) or Honda Twister(though having little less power) over Discover 125ST.

      Also I will suggest you to testdrive all these bikes, and chose the Best one.

      My Final Verdict will Go to Honda Twister because:
      Your usability is Very High i.e. 2000 kms per month. So, you should strictly consider Mileage as Primary Criteria. And in mileage department this is simply the best. Though it is little underpower above 55kmph speed, but I think you should compromise on Power.

      Else if You want better Power and can Compromise on City Mileage, then go for Glamour.

      So, choice is yours... :)


  48. Namesty satya sir...first of all thanks for your guidence as it helps lot of innocent and new bikers to make right decision....
    sir i am student of delhi university and i have to travel 40 km daily and i want a mileage of 50 in city and 60 on highway...l m confused between honda trigger and pulsar 150 ....sir honda sales man are saying that the engine of trigger and unicorn are same...but my friends using unicorn told that unicorn give mileage of 35. only....kindly clear my doubt.....

    1. Hello Ratnesh,
      About mileage of Honda Unicorn, it may sometimes fall to 35kmpl but that is an Exception and result of Extreme driving. So, You should not worry about it. Even few Bajaj Platina gives 35kmpl mileage (reported by users), but these are one in hundred case. Bikes are like Horses, we can't beat that this model bike will definitely give you X kmpl mileage. So we have to believe on Mostly term.. So, just leave this from your mind.

      Now, from Pulsur and Trigger, Pulsur will give you better Mileage and nothing else. On the other hand, Trigger will give you 48-50kmpl inside city and 55-60 kmpl on Highway. But Trigger has an Extremely Refined Engine, Awesome Power and Comfort, Reliable Machine, Better Resell Value and Honda Brand Name.

      So, in this case Trigger is a clear Winner.. :)


  49. thanks sir 4 ur WONDERFUL response,
    i really understand the fact u want to tell me either mileage or power,but i cant leave the power as my needs.i am going to take the test drives and buy a discover(as i like the look most) or glamour.
    but there is some confusion too between discover 125ST and 125T
    Can you tell me what are the difference between discover 125ST and 125T,and why company has launched 125T against 125ST are they going to discontinue the ST model as i couldnot find the model in showroom near me, i had also read many reviews n othe sites that discover 125St is giving only 45km/ ltr mileage, is it really true please lease clear my doubt.
    which machine should i must buy if chosen discover and i am going for a disc variant there is only 500 bucks diffrence between ST & T.
    which one will be better for me.

    1. My suggestion is to avoid Bajaj Bikes.... Bajaj always uses a Simple Trick against its innocent Customers... Before one Model starts giving negative feedback, it introduces a new Model with Extremely High Advertisements, which makes the buyer confused... If you just study the History of Bajaj Bikes You will definitely find this. Every year Bajaj lunches more than half dozen Bikes and Promotes them with high intensity. Moreover, it knows the Psychology of most of the Indians that they crave for Mileage and hence it always Promotes its Mileage in every add.. That makes the Buyer confused and he ends by purchasing that Bike. But after 2 years the Bike goes away from the market and some new Bikes roar into the market. Do you remember that Hoodibaba advt i.e for Caliber 125, where is that now ?? You remember the Boxer, CT100, CT Deluxe, Platina 100, Platina 125, Discover 100 and all... Where are they Now ????

      But in the market still Hero Honda sales its Splendor for more than 2 decades, Passion for more than a decade and before all CD Deluxe for more than 2 decades... This is the Quality, that still stays after Decades... Hero need not to push more variants of Bikes, because its one model is enough for a Decade whereas Bajaj's dozens models are insecure for just a year. No Bajaj bike remain in market for more than 3 years maximum (Pulsur 150 as that time it has No compititors from Honda,Yamaha, Hero). It always changes its models like T-shirts, so you decide whether You want Bajaj Discover 125ST or Discover 125T or Discover 125Z (may be a future model of bajaj after few months) ???


  50. namasskar sir as i m a teacher in a village school and i travel on stoney and rough roads in village so i have backache. please sugest me a good bike for my back pain relife .

    1. Hello Piyush,
      To avoid backpain, I would suggest you to chose a Good Bike from 150cc or You can purchase a Bajaj Avenger which is Best Medicine to avoid Backpain.. :) I would also like to suggest you to take some testdrives , so that you can know which one suites you the most..


  51. Hello sir,
    what are your views regarding discover 100t it has got looks,power like 125cc bike moreover at a price of 55000/- is it good in the longer ?how much mileage can we expect from it? Problems I may face if I buy it?Its average life??

    1. Hello,
      In single word "Bajaj Discover 100T has nothing except Look"...
      - Mileage < Honda twister(or Dream yuga) in long run.
      - Unreliable Engine.
      - Engine Noise and Starting Problem.

      Its average life is 4 years or 50,000 kms maximum.


  52. This comment has been removed by the author.

  53. Hello sir,
    My residence is at chennai. Now, am planning to buy my first bike. I am looking for a decent combo of great mileage and good performance. I would like to get suggestions from u, keeping in mind about the chennai roads THANK U IN ADVANCE..

  54. Also my requirements :

    1) My monthly usage will be roughly around 600 - 650 km.
    2) Great Mileage ( more than 60 kmpl in city like chennai ll be great )
    3) Good performance
    4) Low maintenance
    5) Engine longetivity
    6) Ride Comfort

    I am taller than an average indian (5' 11'') and little stout (76 kg).
    From your post, I can assume that Glamour, Discover 125ST , Shine, Twister match my requirements. Plz suggest me to pick the best bike matching my requirements.

    1. Hi Santhosh,
      Thanks for providing your requirements. Well from your requirements, I will suggest you to go for either Glamour or Shine. Because you are quite healthy and so, you should go for a Powerful bike unlike Twister (110 cc Engine). About 125ST, It has Nothing except Mileage from your requirements. Discover will make you spend high on maintenance, Poor Comfort level, Engine will not last more than 4 years and moreover the Reliability issue of Bajaj engine will make you upset everytime after 2 years.

      As You are having low-medium usage i.e. 650kms per month, So as per my opinion You should not focus much on Mileage. Why ?

      Suppose you get 55 km per ltr in city in one bike, so your monthly Petrol Expenditure will be 11.81 ltrs. Again let from a different bike You get 60 kmpl mileage, that will make you spend 10.83 ltrs petrol. So a difference of less than 1 ltr Petrol per month which will cost you Rs.70/- per month. So, I think its not a big amount for you...

      Now between Honda Shine and Hero Glamour,

      - Honda Shine has better fuel efficiency of 3-5 kmpl than Glamour.
      - Shine has Better Engine Smoothness, but upto 55 kmph speed. Above that its smoothness turned into Vibration issue.
      - Glamour has much better mileage on Highway i.e. 65+kmpl.
      - Glamour can withstand upto 70kmph speed with your weight without any vibration issue.
      - Glamour has much Better look than Shine.
      - Now, Hero is Providing 5 years warranty. So worries upto 60 months.

      From all above, you could understand that, Glamour will be best for you.. Specially for your Physic Glamour will suite you the Most. So, Go for it without any doubt in mind.


    2. Thank u very much for ur reply :) Without any doubt, I will go for glamour (not PGM FI coz as u said its the same engine but only IC is the difference hence does not contribute to mileage much and it costs 10k more. rite??) You are doing a great job here helping amateurs like me. Keep blogging !!

    3. Sorry for double posting again :( Two more clarifications needed please. One is should I go for carburetor model or PGM Fi model as I already asked in previous post. Second is should I go for disc brake or drum brake and any more changes or modifications needed ?? If so please suggest :) Thank U in advance...

    4. You should go for Carburetor model and spend that 10k bucks for your Fuel.. :) About Drum/Disk Brake, its totally Personal Choice. But I will suggest you to Go for Drum Brake because it is almost similar effective as that of Disk Brakes.. The thing is that When You want to Press the Brake and @ which speed. Though Disk Brake is having much effective Braking System than Drum Brake but at the same time sometimes it Creates dangerous situation if not applied Properly. Disk Brake with ABS is Best,, but without ABS, its more dangerous to handle the Bike @ High speed !!


    5. Thanks for Ur lightning reply :) Err, before asking u what abs is dumbly, I tried to google it... What I can understand is, disc brakes tend to lock when applied at high speeds and may tend to skid and hence makes it difficult for the driver to control the vehicle. Whereas wen abs is used this locking is regulated and hence leads to better stability.. Rite ?? Now my questions are

      1) Is my understanding rite ?

      2) If so, won't abs defeat the purpose of disc ? and is abs with disc still better than drum when applied at high speeds ?

      3) Is disc with abs available in glamour ??

      Thanks in advance :)

    6. Yes you got the right pont... :)
      But, Glamour has NO ABS system :(

      But, you need not to worry about that, so go for Drum brake and You will not be disappoint...


    7. Thanks a lot for ur valuable suggestions :) Keep blogging and keep helping amateurs like me :)

  55. Thank you for your reply
    1)Please do compare the mileage of ignitor and glamour...
    2)Sir, do also compare hero super splendor and glamour
    3)People say that hero glamour has pickup problems and changing from 1st gear to 2nd gear is not smooth... What do you say?
    4)You say about replacing the back tyre with MRF tyre and a tubeless one(I need it!!)... What are other things I should ask the dealer and what would be the overall increase in cost???
    Thanks in advance.........

    1. Glamour has better mileage than ignitor.
      Hero Super Splendor has good Mileage but in case of look, it stands far far BEHIND Glamour. Moreover, it will Vibrate heavily after 4 years.

      No, Glamour has NO problem with Pickup. Yes, there is some gear Problem in 2nd shift in Glamour but that is Very Common in Upper CC Bikes like 125CC, 150CC.

      For accessories you will Maximum spend Rs.1000/- like for :
      1) TubeLess Tyre : Rs.400
      2) Seat Cover : Rs.250/-
      3) Side indicator Buzzer : Rs.30/-
      4) Engine Guard : Rs.60-100/-

      Thats it...


  56. Hello Sir,

    Please suggest me a vehicle as per requirements,

    1. Monthly usage will be around 1800

    My weight is 80 kgs
    Riding in High way 20 KM/per day  Speed 70 to 90
    Riding in City limits 40 KM/per day  Speed 40 to 50

    2. Good Control (*****)
    3. Ride comfort (****)
    4. Good Mileage (***)

    Thanks in Advance

    1. Hello,
      from your requirement, It is very hard to settle with a 125CC Bike !! Because No 125cc bike can withstand a speed of 70-90 kmph everyday. :(

      Well, if you can Compromise with Mileage then You can still trust over Yamaha YBR 125 or SS125 which can do the job upto a good extent.

      Again, if you care for Mileage and can sacrifice over Reliability, then You can buy a Bajaj Discover 125. But @ such high speed, its foolish to expect high mileage. So, You can expect a city mileage of 58+kmpl and 50 kmpl on Highway(due to High Speed). Here the Bike will last for 2 years if you torture it like this.

      Finally, if you want to hold both Mileage and Reliability upto SOME Extent, You can Go for Hero Glamour. It will give you a city Mileage of 55kmpl and on Highway @ such high speed the Mileage would be 50kmpl. The only thing is you can run the bike for 4+ years.

      But, for Your requirement I will suggest you to go for a 150cc Bike like Honda Unicorn (Reliability+ Mileage of 50 average) OR Yamaha FZ (for Reliability+High Speed Control+ Comfort - Mileage i.e 35-40kmpl) OR Suzuki GS150(Reliable+Mileage of 45+kmpl).

      From all above I think You should not care for Mileage if You are focusing for Speed i.e. upto 90 kmph speed. And in that case the Best option is Yamaha FZ Bike .


  57. This comment has been removed by the author.

  58. Hello sir,
    I am planning to buy a 150cc bike my budget is 80k,my height is 5'7" and my weight is 68kg,my monthly commute is around 600km inside city I like ride at 45-50 km/hr I would require a mileage of at least 50 inside city I have few bikes in my list apache 160,pulsar 150, yamaha sz I am a collegegoer so I need a good looking bike among them I like apache the most please guide me whether I should go for apache or any other bike another thing I am going to use aleast for 5 years please help me ....waiting for your reply eagerly.......

    1. From Your list only pulsur 150 will give you 50+ mileage otherwise the rest 2 bikes will have a serious mileage fluctuation between 35-50 kmpl. Again, though Pulsur will give You good Mileage but it has bad record in terms of reliability. You can't run the Bike after 3 years of usage. I want to clarify one thing that : Many people say that Pulsur is the Best 150cc Bike as its no. of sale is High but, at the same time you should see how many pulsurs are there in a 2nd hand Bike showroom. At the Entry of Pulsur, there was very less competition in the market in 150cc segment. That time Neither Hero was serious nor Honda had entered the market. As a result, Bajaj took all the Credit with showcasing its Mileage in every advt. But, Now there are lots of Better bikes from Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki or even our Hero. So, you should go for any Better bike like Honda Unicorn for this Purpose. I will strongly suggest you to go for Unicorn and you will not be dissapointted with your decision in future.

      Honda unicorn will give you 50+kmpl mileage, Reliable Engine, Power, Comfort, Brand Value and all..

      So, go ahead with Honda Unicorn... :)


    2. hello sir,
      from apache can I expect a mileage of around 45+ and upto how many years and how is apache in overall performance ...unicorn has got a quite simple look as I am student I need a good looking bike and another thing unicorn has a kerb weight of around 150kg but apache and sz have it around 135kg will I be able to handle unicorn properly??I haven't driven any bike yet this would be by first bike so I am bit confused whether to go for 150cc bike or 125cc price is not a barrior for me I can afford 85k as know my physique please tell me which will suit me better shall I go for ignitor or glamour.......waiting for your reply......

    3. See, Apache is Undoubtedly a Good bike, only the Mileage and Resell value is a concern. But, if you don't like the look of Unicorn, then you can either go for apache 160 or FZ series bike. Between Apache and FZ, Apache will deliver better Mileage than FZ. Apache mileage will be around 45kmpl but it may vary +/- 5 kmpl. Now, FZ will give you most Probably 35-40 kmpl. Both Bikes are Good and reliable, though FZ will be more reliable but its mileage fluctuation is damn horrible. User witnessed a mileage of around 25kmpl from FZ bikes !! So, Its better to settle with Apache from your points of requirements. It will give you a descent 40-45 kmpl and its engine is very reliable too.

      Don't think much... Because Bikes are like Horse, we can't say that this Model will give X kmpl mileage for sure.. So, Go ahead with your Heart and lets leave others upto your faith.. :)


    4. Yes, if you want to go for IDEAL Bike for you, that will be Glamour Definitely.. Because your speed limit is under 55 kmpl. So, its better to chose Glamour over any 150cc Bikes because it will give you Better Mileage and also it will suite for your physic.. :)

      My final verdict is for Glamour considering all your requirements..


    5. and sir what about sz s and sz rr??

  59. Hello sir,
    I'm Jagan, and i'm 27 of age and 5' 9" height and my weight is 68kg. I wanna buy my first bike and I can afford not more than 55k. I would compromise in everything except reliability. I'll travel around 40 km a day and i'll go at a maximum at 55kmph. I was interested in hero super splendor or yamaha ybr 125. I Expect a bike atleast 6-7 years of reliability. Plz help me

    1. As Per Your Requirement, I will suggest You to go for Honda Dream Yuga. This bike will give you everything if you drive within 55kmph speed.. Yes, Everything means Everything like :
      + Good Mileage (65+kmpl)
      + Reliable Engine, that will last for atleast 6 years.
      + Better Resell Value.
      + Good comfort and handling.
      + Brand Value.

      Why I am not suggesting Hero Super Splendor :
      Super Splendor has a big drawback of Body Vibration after 3 years of use and you will be unhappy that time for a wrong decision. Moreover, being a 125cc bike, it has nothing better (look or power or Reliability) except Mileage. So, You should avoid it.


  60. Thanks a lot for the valuable suggestions.....

  61. Dear Satyanarayan sir,I am Naresh kumar, first i congret and thank u for helping inocent buyer and your valuable advise. sir i have been following u for six month.
    sir i have riden splender,pulsar, stunner last 10 years, Satya sir now i am very confused among 4 bike
    1. Stunner 2. unicorn 3. shine(is stunner vibretion same as shine) and 4. yamaha ss125.
    sir my requerment is blow-
    1. long life engine
    2. milege 50+ both city and higway.
    my hight is 5.8 waight 65 and drive 500 km. per month city and 100 at higway. sir pls tell which one bike is best in serial no.

    1. Dear Naresh,
      We can't order the Bikes in 1st, 2nd and all. Because, all bikes are having some Plus points and some minus points...

      From Your requirement, the Best bike is Unicorn...

      For more clear information, please provide me data like :
      - Speed you used to drive.
      - How much mileage you want.
      - About Power
      - About Reliability.


  62. Satya sir now i am very confused among 4 bike
    1. Stunner 2. unicorn 3. shine(is stunner vibretion same as shine) and 4. yamaha ss125.
    sir my requerment is blow-
    1. long life engine
    2. milege 50+ both city and higway.
    my hight is 5.8 waight 65 and drive 500 km. per month city and 100 at higway. sir pls tell which one bike is best in serial no.

  63. 1. long life engine
    2. milege 50+ both city and higway.
    my hight is 5.8 waight 65 and drive 500 km. per month city and 100 at higway. sir pls tell which one bike is best in serial no.

  64. hi sir
    i am elango in Tirupur(tamil nadu) this is my 1st bike usage is mostly city so i go for shine?
    1. monthly drive 500 average city and higway
    2.milege 50+
    3.power and look

    1. Yes, You can go for Shine.. But remember to drive Shine within 55kmph speed to avoid Skid, Engine Vibration.. :)

  65. hello sir
    which one would be better between apache 160 and hero ignitor??

    1. Definitely Apache 160 due to its Power, Reliability, Comfort driving and all... :)

  66. hello sir
    Myself Pankaj Pandey and I am a teacher and I also want to purchase bike for me in this DEEPAWALI . I personally found your review very are doing nice comparison with great solution . so I also want to put some of my Queries in front of you . I hope you will also try to give me the solution .
    1- You had published your review in Wednesday, 10 October 2012.. it means almost 1 year I want to quarry that is there any new 125 cc bike launched in this period..if yes then what is their performance ?
    2- I like the look of GLAMOUR very much and My 2 friends had already purchased " GLAMOUR " (not FI ) earlier . But sorry to say that both of my friends complaining about the engine issue.. mean they have repaired the engine many times .It make my steps back from the glamour option .
    3- As I earlier said that I am a teacher and I have to go near about 15 km per day in a rough road , my weight is 68 kg & height is 5.5 ft please suggest a 125 cc bike for me in honda or hero ( but not shine, splender ) with durability , low maintenance and good milase and good suspension .
    I hope you try to give me best solution ( sorry if I had made any mistake )
    thanks a lot.
    Pankaj Pandey

  67. Hello Pankaj,
    Well about New 125cc Bikes, there are 2:
    1) Discover 125 : Not a Reliable Machine. I have already discussed the same before.
    2) Mahindra Centuro: New and Uncertain future.

    Now about Glamour, I think your friends are having Glamour before 2012 model. Because the recent models are Very Good. Engine Problem is Impossible before 5 years, there might be some noise from engine which may be due to improper tuning or head adjustment. Moreover, Hero is Providing 5 years warranty on Engine. So, You need not to worry about engine issue. Remember NO Bike can give you the same sound after 1 year from its engine as when it was purchased. ALL bikes will loss its smoothness of engine over time. So, its not a issue rather a tendency of every bike.

    Many people complain that my bike is giving noise after 1-2 years, which was not there while purchasing. But, that does not mean the Engine is Bad or Problematic, rather its very common in every bike. But, if you ride your bike with proper care, checkups and all then your Bike will never give any Engine problem for at least 5 years or 50,000 kms.

    From Your requirements, I was supposed to suggest you to go for Honda Shine (Because your usage is less and I feel you will drive the bike within 50kmph speed), but you have clearly mentioned that You don't like the look of Shine. So, You should go for Glamour and I am sure You will not be disappointed for your decision. Your monthly usage is less than 500 kms, so you will not face any Engine issue even after 5-7 years...


  68. Satya sir, i ride bike 50 to 70 speed mostly and 500 km. par month. wich one will be best for me between 2 bike yamaha ss and honda stunner. my requarment is. 1 very long life engine. 2. milege 50+, 3. good handling. thank you sir. i will eagrly waiting your valueble advise.

    1. Dear Naresh,
      If Mileage is not a concern for You and You are happy with 50+ mileage from any 125cc Bike. Then I would suggest you to go for Yamaha SS125.. It has superb Engine, Superb Pick up, Very less maintenance, Good Driving comfort upto 80kmph speed and all. But the only problem is its Mileage. But, it seems you don't care much for mileage, so You can chose it Blindly.. It will give you something around 50kmpl mileage. :)

  69. Hi sathya ji, i am mohan from banglore.. I am travelling 30-40km every day in city. I am looking for good glamour suitable for me.. And i am not keen on milege..40+ will fine for me..what about glamour pickup..thanks in advance BBC

    1. Hello Mohan,
      As You are not much focused for Mileage and you will be happy with 40+ mileage, So I will suggest you to go for Yamaha SS125 instead.

      Better Pick Up than Glamour.
      No Vibration even @ 80kmph speed.
      Reliable Engine.
      Average Mileage of 50 kmpl.

      But, if You want Good mileage, then You can go for Glamour. Else, SS125 is the Best choice for your requirements.


  70. Hello sir
    I found in many reviews that apache tyres have very poor road grip and it tends to slip and on the other hand fz has very good road grip is it true??what can be done to improve grip in apache??If tvs tyres in apache is changed to mrf will it improve its grip??Apart from mileage which one is good among fz and apache 160,I can afford fz if it gives 35kmpl my monthly commute is less than 500km and which one is better in long run??..Sorry sir for troubling u once again..I am not able to decide between fz and apache both coming at same price your advice is very valuable to me please help me...sorry sir once again

    1. Dear Aryan,
      If you can afford 35 kmpl mileage, then FZ is simply the BEST choice for You. The Comfort, the Style, the Pickup, the RoadGrip, the Power and most importantly the Reliability of Yamaha FZ bike is much much more ahead of TVS Apache 160. So, don't be confused just go and Grab your Sweetheart now..


  71. Dear Satya sir, a last que. why yamaha bikes do not give good milege then others. what is reasone behind it. sir i think no quetion is silly quetion. thank you sir.

  72. Hello Naresh,
    Its not at all a silly question.. :)
    Well, basically 3 types of bikes are made in the world..
    1) For Comfort
    2) For Power and Performance.
    3) For Fuel efficiency.

    In the first category, bikes like Cruisers i.e. Harley, Royal Enfield, Bajaj Avenger falls.
    In the 3rd category, Hero Splendor, Glamour, Dream Yuga, Discover 100,125 etc etc are there. Most Indian Commuter bikes are in this category.
    In the 2nd category, Bikes like Yamaha FZ, SS, Fazer, Honda CB150, CB 250, TVS Apache are there..

    As You know Yamaha always trust on Quality (you can know the same from its punch line) so, it used to make Bikes for Perfomance, Reliability as the Priority concern.. It never tried for just Mileage oriented bike.. So, they never made such bikes. Even now, you will see many RX100 bikes on the Road and the owner used to say that "This bike has ZERO maintenance".. Yes, yamaha bikes have very less maintenance... But still, as per my opinion, they should now make some good Fuel Efficient Bikes because after few years the Petrol is going to be a crisis for all and its price will be very high day by day.. So, its time to save it.. Isn't.. :)


  73. Thank you Satya sir, you have given me very valuable advise. you always help inocent buyer.sir may we follow you on facebook or tweeter?

  74. Dear Satya,
    First of all I would like thank you for your excellent blog...You are doing a commendable job keep it up!!
    I am planning to buy hero ignitor this diwali plz tell me whether it would be able to fullfill my requirements or not.....
    -monthly commute 600km inside city
    -driving speed 45-55
    -mileage 50+
    -I will be using it for atleast 5 years
    -low maintainance
    -my height is 5'7" and weight is 70kg
    my budget is around 70000 I need a good looking bike,this would be my first bike plz also suggest me whether I should go for front disc brake or drum and which company's tyre would provide best road grip tvs,mrf,ceat,dunlop and what all things I must check at the at the time of buying it....thanks a lot in advance waiting for your valuable suggestions....

  75. Hello Jai,
    Thanks a lot for your positive words for me. :)

    Well, from your list of requirements you have a lots of options available. But you are looking for Ignitor for its Look... :) I must say that This Bike will Definitely fit you in every point of your requirements...

    So, Go ahead with this Bike and You will easily run it at least 5 years with 5 years warranty from Hero... :)

    If You drive within 55 kmph speed and your monthly usage is 600 kms, You can drive it for more than 7 years without any measure issue..

    Well, about disk brake or Drum Brake : You can go for any :) Because @ speed of 55kmph you can use Disk Brake or Drum brake without any Problem... But as its your 1st bike, I will suggest you for Drum Brake.. Still you can have a test drive and choose ..

    About Tyre, You should ask for MRF... :)


  76. Thanks a lot for your quick response!!
    I just want to clarify that some of my friends are saying that most of the body parts in ignitor are made up of fibre and can easily break in a year or two is it really true??....and another thing how is ignitor's engine in terms of 1)smoothness 2)vibrations and exactly how much mileage can I expect from it......waiting for your valuable suggestions..

    1. Yes, Your friends are True !!
      Hero is giving you a bike that looks like Karizma (which costs around double than Ignitor) at a price of Shine/Glamour. So, definitely the Body is not that much strong. But again, its not made up of Glass though.. :) So, it will not break without any accident...

      It will give you 55 kmpl inside City and 65+ on Highway..
      Engine is Smooth and Vibration free upto 70kmph speed..

      If You want such a sexy bike @ 60k, then you can go either for Ignitor or Stunner only... But, Ignitor will give you better Mileage than Stunner.,.


  77. hi satya,
    this is Prithvi , from nellore i
    travel around 10 to 20 km daily in city. I
    am planning to buy my first bike (55-60K)by end
    of this month; Iam not a skilled rider,

    my height is 5.3 , Iam very much concerned about the seat height and weight of bike. . .

    Iam planning to buy super splendor . . . .

    is there any alternative for me?

    thanks in advance.

    1. For Your requirement, its better to go for Honda Shine since You are going to use it mostly in City Traffic.. Else You can chose Honda Dream Yuga as well for Better Mileage..


  78. Hi,
    I would like to buy 125 cc bike.I’m little confused to choose between ‘Bajaj Discover 125 T’ ,’Hero Glamour’ & Honda ‘shine’. Please suggest me which one I should go for.

    I’ve been hearing common complaints from many Shine users that Honda shine is giving lot of troubles from 10,000 km onwards.and vibraton problem at 50 above speed.

    Hero glamour mileage is very uncertain.

    Bajaj Discover 125T – Mileage point of view, it is on top, but don’t know about the long run performance.

  79. HI.

  80. HI,

  81. mr. Er Satya Narayan, i would like to invite to write a review about honda trigger... some one says it s a very good bike,but still not achieve success in indian market...

  82. Hello, I am going to purchase Glamour - Drum, kindly let me know the actual average it will provide with a speed of 40-50 KM.

    My daily travel is around 50 KM, or you can suggest some other if you feels so. The bike need to have good average, looks & power.


  83. Going to purchase a bike 125cc. I choose Platina or Star City Plus or Shine. Which one you suggest....

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  87. Hi Satya,
    This page is really helped me a lot on comparision.
    but still I confused with Glamour and SS125 to buy first time.
    Can u pls help me and also giv me current on raod price of these two bike

  88. Thanks for provides great informatic and Nice Blog, this blog is very informative & valuable for me. I will wait for your kindly new information about Brake Pad Price in Delhi

  89. Dear Sir
    i am very much confused between Hero Glamour and Super Splendor. I am already using a Hero HF-Deluxe 100 cc for 2 years. it has given me lot of trouble, In 2 yrs 5 times Clutch Plate has been Changed, I am a bit fat when riding on some chaadan road it dosen’t climb even on 2nd gear, a person who is sitting along with me has to get down put in nuteral then again put first gear then it will climb up , by the time the other person has reached the destination by walking. Engine is hot if driven for half an hour & for cooling down it takes more than an hour, it shut down its engine in the middle of the road that time start kicking for at least 10-15 strokes it comes to life by the time i m exchausted. I m fed up with this bike. But this time I am looking for good mileage,power, zero maintenance , Decent look, Reliable Engine, No Vibration @ high speed, good control on road with good breaking system (not to skid). my avg running is 50 to 70 kms per day (local from vasai west station to sativali vasai east , as i am in marketing field). As per above requirements please suggest me a good bike for long time.


  90. Very much confused between glamour and shine sp :plz ans immediately

    1. Plz provide your requirements like mileage, pick up, monthly usage, driving speed, condition etc... so that i can give you accurate response...


  91. Best to buy # glamour or honda shine sp: mileage upto 60 , speed 40 to 50
    Monthly upto 600 km: suggest me between the two only if u r not supporter of two companies : and difference between new 5 gear shine sp

    1. Plz ans b4 Monday i am going 2 buy between 2 which u suggest

    2. Hi Jyoti,
      Thanks a lot for providing the details of your requirements again thanks a lot because you are relying on me. Anyway, coming to your requirements, if you need a bike that will give you the mileage of around 60 and you are going to ride it at a speed of 40 to 50 kilometre per hour then both shine and glamour can give you the similar mileage. but when you will drive little higher speeds like 60 kilometre per hour or 70 kilometre per hour, in that situation shine will vibrate but at the same time glamor will never vibrate and it will give you more comfortable ride. Moreover shine will not only vibrate but also, you will feel much lighter when you drive at Higher RPM but with glamour the road grip will be better and you will never feel like flying at Higher speeds. so I think glamour will be better for you as per your requirement...

      Again I have seen that you're putting this question on 150 CC segment and were asking about the best 150 CC bikes. well, in 150 CC segment there is only one bike that can be called the best in terms of power performance and reliability and that is Honda Unicorn and if you want to go for that then you can go but the mileage will not be around 60 kilometres per litre but you can get 50 kilometre per litre. Now it's up to you. I would like you need to give you another information that with Glamor, you can give load of around 130 to 140 kg without any issue but which Unicorn you can put load of around 150 kg. So, if you are a little healthy person and the most of the time will be driving with your spouse or friend and who is also healthy AND if both of you together are of around 150+ kg then, I will say you should go for a 150 cc bike like Unicorn. But, if you are driving alone or your total weight is less than 130 to 140 kg, then you can go for Hero Glamour without any issues.

      I think now you do not have any more confusion if there's any confusion persist feel free to ask me about your doubts I will be answering you in less time. And if you are going to purchase a bike by Monday then you can go with either Hero Glamour or Honda Unicorn. Just make sure that if you really need Honda Unicorn.... because Honda Unicorn will definitely give you better performance BUT at the cost of mileage.!! that is around 50+ kilometre per litre, on the other hand with Hero Glamour you can definitely get around 60 kmpl mileage that too with better performance, power and reliability.

      Thank you

    3. * plz ignore any minor spell mistake or grammar.. since i am writing from my phone so there is always chance of typo error... have a great day ahead... :)

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  92. Best to buy 125cc. GLAMOUR or HONDA SHINE SP with 5 Gears

  93. I have already answered your query here.

    Plz check there...

  94. I have already answered your query here.

    Plz check there...

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